How To Create Lower Third Subscribe Intro In Adobe After Effects In 2020

What is Adobe After Effects CC?

Adobe After Effects CC is an animation and creative compositing app designed for animators, designers, and compositors; and used for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and the web. The app, which is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud’s suite of video editing tools, is considered as a standard in the video industry when it comes to creating motion graphics and visual effects.

With After Effects CC, users will be able to apply animation to texts  such as twirling titles, spinning words, and rolling credits. The tool offers numerous ways of creating visual effects. Users can come up with mind-blowing effects by combining images and videos. Also, through the use of keyframes, they can add motion to objects like logos, shapes, and cartoons. Last but not the least, After Effects CC lets editors and motion graphics artists work together on their compositions and shared sequences seamlessly.

Data-Driven Animation

The latest version of After Effects CC introduces a new feature which allows users to create interactive animations and motion graphics using data files. In this feature, they will be able to import JSON data files into the app to drive animations in their compositions.

JSON is a flexible data file format which can be used to collect live data from various data sources. JSON data files may contain data such as election statistics, survey results, or weather reports. As users import these data files into After Effects CC, they can use the data they contain as input to create animated graphs and characters, sliders, and other motion graphics.

Immersive Virtual Reality Videos

After Effects CC also offers a set of features and tools which helps users create compositions that deliver an immersive video experience to audiences or players – make them feel actively engaged or involved with what they are watching or playing.

Virtual Reality Video Composition  Editor

The app provides users with the ability to edit their 360 or virtual reality videos using its VR Comp Editor which is comprised of compositing tools. As they work on their 360/VR videos using such tools, they will be able to view their footages as how they are seen through a VR headset.

Create Virtual Reality Environments

In addition, users will be able to build virtual reality environments with the app’s feature called  Create VR Environment. With this feature, they can automatically set up the compositions and camera relationships needed for authoring and creating their 360/VR videos.

Apply Virtual Reality Effects

After Effects CC also offers a line up of tools that lets users apply virtual reality effects to their 360/VR videos. Because of this, they can enhance their videos without producing unwanted distortions. Such tools let them add dynamic transitions, effects, and titles to 360/VR videos.

Speed Up Animation Using Expressions

The app has a powerful feature which makes it much easier and faster for users to animate objects or scenes in their video. The app uses expressions which are lines and codes that they can enter, enabling them to control an animation in less time.

Expressions To Access Mask And Shape Points

For instance, users will be able to animate objects like shapes and masks by using expressions for their path points. With these expressions, the app automatically reads and writes the values for x  and y coordinates of the path points on shapes and masks. As a result, they can animate such objects without the need of working on each individual frame. After Effects CC reads the values they set in an expression and applies them automatically across the other frames of the video, speeding up their animation task.

Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor

After Effects CC also has a visual keyboard shortcut editor that lets users create their own keyboard shortcuts. They can modify the shortcuts assigned to keys which they can view through the keyboard user interface. This way, they can edit and animate their videos using the keyboard shortcuts they are most comfortable with.


Team Projects And Auto-Save Functionality

Summing it up, the video editing app provides an auto-save functionality, a new feature of After Effects CC which users can access in Team Projects. Team Projects is a feature of the app that allows members of a video editing team to share versions of their compositions among themselves. With the auto-save functionality, users will be able to easily access the previous versions of their compositions,  update them to their current versions, and create new projects from auto-save versions.